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Poem for my cat

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I try to give you attention, You ignore me. I try to work, You sit on my stuff for attention.
I try to feed you, You don't want food. I try to eat cookies with cream in peace, You come to eat them.
I try to cuddle with you, You hiss at me. I try to get up to do something, You come and loaf on me.
I'm awake and energetic, You sleep and are pissed if I wake you up. I'm tired and I'm trying to sleep, You are suddenly very energetic and want to play.
When you see a bug, You kill if immediately. But when I show you a bug, You give me the "b*tch leave me alone" face and go back to sleep.
Even tho we "argue" sometimes, We have a strong bond And we love each other a lot. ❤️