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A little bit of Buftea 1

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Behind my house, a dry forest I have
But when the sunny season comes,
Green like the depths of a lake it gets.
The beautiful plants with little butterflies around
Like a mom trying to relax while her kids are playing.
And birds are singing their symphony
While the little forest animals are eating.
Some meters or around one kilometer away,
The liquid mirror reflects the church and a bit of Stirbey park.
And a little café we have on the grass close to the mirror
Where people come to relax or gossip.
Also, the mirror is full of small underwater stars,
That mostly older men come to collect and eat.
When the sun goes down, the mirror is the prettiest.
When the moon is up, the city is quiet like a cat
With the electric fireflies around.
The mirror gets black,
Only the night’s queen staying there,
Admiring her silver dress in the mirror.